Prompt Engineering for Research & PR

“Their prompt engineering service helped us quickly generate 100+ tailored press releases for our regional branches at scale.”

~Sarah Howard, PR Manager at FirstBank~

Streamline Your Business with AI

Key Features
  • Prompt optimization for large language models
  • Research report generation
  • Press release drafting
  • Speech writing
  • Tailored content theming
  • Data-driven narratives
  • Faster content creation
  • High-quality output
  • On-brand messaging
  • Cost and time savings
  • Improved experimentation
Case Studies

Financial Services Company

  • Developed prompts for AI to generate quarterly market analysis reports, customized to the finance industry.
  • Reduced quarterly reporting time from 4 weeks to 5 days with AI-automated insights.

Healthcare Non-Profit

  • Optimized prompts for AI to produce patient-friendly content explaining disease research.
  • Cut content production costs by 40% while improving readability from 45% to 65% Flesch score.